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How Much is this Going to Cost Me?

First, the question will be answered, and then, we'll explain why it's the wrong question.


Most small business books are able to be done in the $300 to $500 per month range, depending on number and simplicity of transactions and reports.  Bigger businesses will typically be more because the number and complexity of transactions tends to increase with size.


"How much is this going to cost me?" is the wrong question because you aren't just getting a bookkeeper.  You're getting a fractional CFO, capable and trusted professional teammates, and inquisitive sidekicks whose main goal is to improve your bottom line.  Doing the books is the initial step, but then we're going to ask questions, we're going to learn your business and we're going to find ways to increase your revenue, decrease your costs, and in most cases, both.  Like our slogan says, your better bottom line is guaranteed.

So, maybe the right question is, "What is it costing me every day that I delay getting VITAL FAS on my team?"

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