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Value. Integrity. Teamwork. Accuracy.  Leadership.

Value. Integrity. Teamwork. Accuracy.  Leadership.

Our Founder

Rick with his wife, high school sweetheart and occasional office support, Charlete

With a degree in Finance and an MBA under his belt, Rick ventured into the corporate world and built a career creating and using financial statements, predictive models, business plans, budgets and analysis to provide insights to mid-size and Fortune 500 business leaders that helped them drive their businesses forward and make more money.. 

Rick knew that even with all that experience his education for what he wanted to do would be incomplete without going on the entrepreneurial journey himself.  So he left corporate to build his own business from scratch.  At no point was it ever easy, but he found his footing and that business grew from $400,000 revenue in the first year to $1.9 million and 34 employees in the 3rd year.  All the while working through personnel, production, pandemic supply chain, customer relations, cash flow and equipment issues on a surprisingly regular basis.  Not all that surprising to other business owners, however, because it's what small business entrepreneurs deal with on a daily basis nationwide.

Always the analyst at heart, Rick realized that with this first hand experience he was now prepared to do what he was put on earth to do, which is to help other business owners succeed, to grow their businesses to the levels of their dreams, accomplish what they set out to do and then, when the time was right, to help them pass on those businesses to next generation leaders who would continue the legacy.

And Now

Rick and the whole team at VITAL FAS are committed to providing the financial statements, tools and analysis every business owner needs to get and keep their companies on a solid financial footing and help them grow to the fulfillment of the owners' aspirations.  

We are always looking for ways to increase your sales, decrease your costs (without hurting quality), and get many times the investment you put into our services.

The journey is yours, but you don't have to walk it alone.  Give us a call. A Better Bottom Line, Guaranteed.

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