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Department Office

A Better Bottom Line.  Guaranteed.

You see, we may start with doing your accounting, but we don't end there.  After we know the numbers, that's when we roll up our sleeves and get to work on finding ways to increase your profits.

If after three months we haven't helped you increase your profits, then the next 3 months of doing your books is on us.

Business Meeting
Lead presentations during meetings
Computer Tutorials

Why We Are Right for You

What We Do

Where We Work

* Small Business Benefits:

   - Accounting and other back office tasks are taken off your plate so you can focus on business operations

   - Best-in-class back office processes set in place 

   - Increase your bottom line, guaranteed

   - No business is too small

* Mid Size Business Benefits:

   - More in-depth operations, capital and business development analytics

   - Implementation of enterprise planning and intelligence systems

*  Large Business Benefits

Out-source some or all of your Finance and Accounting to 

   - Save on payroll and benefit costs

   - On-site staff available or save even more with remote services

   - Eliminate hiring and training expenses  

   - Flexible staffing means you have more manpower available when you need it (such as month end) and less when you don't

* Accounting:

   - Entering transactions

   - Accruals

   - Financials statements 

   - Work with your accounting system or set one up for you

   - Accounts Payable

   - Accounts Receivable

   - Product Costing

   - Project Costing

   - Tax Accounting & Filing thru partnerships with CPAs / EAs

* Finance:

   - Budgets

   - Strategic Plans

   - Key Performance Indicators

   - Operations Analysis

   - Sales Analysis

   - Competitive Research

*  Other Back Office

   - Purchasing

   - Administrative

   - Payroll

   - Coordinate with Legal and HR Professionals as Needed

   - Coordinate Marketing Efforts

   - Leadership Team Development (Vision, Values, Goals, Tracking)

* A U.S. Company for U.S. Companies

We work in the U.S. with U.S. companies in any state.  We adhere to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) as issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

* In Your Office (as requested):

   - Daily, if desired, but especially for ...

   - Management meetings

   - Business performance reviews

   - On-site walk-throughs (to help us understand every facet of your business and help with continuous improvement objectives)

* Mostly, We Work Remotely:

   - No need to create office space for us - unless you prefer we stay onsite

   - We can call in extra hands whenever needed

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