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You do not have to be alone on this business journey.  We come along side, we watch your back, we do the math and provide you the financial tools and analysis you need to understand what is working and what improvements may be necessary.

Financial Statements

P&Ls, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, Sales Tax Reports, and any other financial report that helps you run your business.


If you don't already have an accounting system, we will set one up for you.  Once your accounting system is set, we'll make sure all of the transactions are entered correctly.

Bill Pay / Analysis

Whatever you can clear off your plate and onto ours can only help your business.  So, if paying bills is taking up your time, let us do that for you.  And we'll make sure the bills make sense and you get a a summary list of all of the charges for a quick review.

Financial Planning & Analysis

What are the key measurements you need to look at to determine how your business is doing, and more importantly, how it will do in the months ahead?  Is it customer reviews, new leads coming in, dollars per customer visit, all of the above and a lot more?  We'll help you track your key indicators.

We'll help you convert your big goals into action plans and annual budgets and keep your team updated on the progress.

We will help you identify strengths and weaknesses and then work with you to improve whatever is holding you back from even greater success.  You know your business best, yet sometimes an objective, data-driven outsider - who genuinely cares for your success - can give you the operational insights to tip the scales in your favor.

Product & Project Costing

If you are making a product and don't know exactly what it is costing you to make it, you are missing information vital to the success of your business.

If you are embarking on a new project and haven't weighed the cost vs the benefits of this new direction, you could be setting yourself up for trouble.

Whether it's a product or a project, we can help you identify the cost and make sure you are getting an appropriate reward for all the hard work.

Recipe Costing.  Restaurant owners:  as an important example of product costing, your success rests on you making a good margin on each and every menu item.  If you don't have this down, please take immediate action.  Get more info here.

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