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Recipe Costing

If you don't know today's cost of what you are serving to customers, you are running your business blindfolded and there's a good chance you are going to get hurt.

At about $25 per recipe, we will tell you the cost (with or without labor, your choice), and we will monitor it and alert you if price changes result in a 10% movement in any direction. 

Recipe Costing Service

for $99/month, you receive

Any four recipes costed in detail

Every month, up to 4 more recipes  will be costed for you in detail

All recipes securely backed up

We monitor costs regularly and alert you if your recipe has gone up or down by 10% or more

We also monitor prices of similar menu items in your area and let you know how your pricing compares.

includes a one-on-one call from us to discuss the labor component

or pay $25 per each additional recipe upfront so you don't have to wait

never worry about losing or misplacing recipes again

plus we call you every 6 months to discuss labor rate changes - if you haven't called us sooner

there is no limit to the number of recipes we will monitor for your restaurant for the flat subcription fee

you can cancel at anytime

press the button, fill out our contact form and we will be in touch within 24 hours

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